Powerful RPA
for your automation toolbox

RPA is a critical tool for intelligent automation. Its agility, flexibility, and universal connectivity open unparalleled opportunities to use AI for redesigning business processes.

However, to be successful, RPA needs to seamlessly fit within the automation landscape and connect to best-in-class BPM, iPaaS, process intelligence, and BI components without creating conflicts and duplicating capabilities.

Astro RPA is an enterprise-grade RPA platform - optimal fit in your intelligent automation environment.

4 components for successful
automation with Astro RPA
Step 1
Astro Studio - RPA bot creation and testing environment.

• 2 versions: for professional and citizen developers

• 3 development modes: no-code, low-code, and pro-code

• 200+ pre-packaged elements and the ability to add your own

Step 2
Astro Robot - RPA bot execution environment

• Runs attended and unattended bots

• Manages bots without Orchestrator

• Runs bots on Linux

Step 3
Astro Orchestrator

• Manages hundreds of bots in a single environment

• Enables multitenancy for complex enterprise implementations and managed service providers supporting multiple customers

Step 4
Migration modules

• Seamless migration from UiPath and Blue Prism

• Automatic conversion of 80%+ of the bots and update instructions for the rest

Astro RPA
Community Edition

A forever-free version of Astro RPA Studio to try the technology and implement simple automations to execute in attended mode.

Start Free


For experienced RPA developers - build a recurrent income by creating automation solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. Astro RPA gives you a unique opportunity to start your own RPA consulting/services business with:

• Free Astro Studio - bot development environment
• Free training
• 100% services revenue from bot development and ongoing maintenance
• Partner discount from reselling Astro RPA licenses

Astro RPA Professional Edition End-user Price Partner price
Astro Studio - bot development and testing environment Free Free
Astro Robot - bot execution environment that includes scheduling tool $1,800 Contact us
Astro Orchestrator - multitenant bot management center $12,000 Contact us

Astro RPA Community Edition - always free version for learning Astro RPA platform, personal use and non-commercial projects.