Helping hands for yourdigital transformation

The AI revolution creates a synthetic “brain” to empower your organization.

A brain needs hands to get things done.

Astro RPA provides “hands” to automate work within your existing IT infrastructure and systems of records.

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Bring AI into your processes

The RPA hype is over. It’s time to focus on the business value of intelligent automation.

At Astro, we believe that automation can fulfill its transformative promise when the technology is robust, flexible, and affordable.

The high cost of RPA technology limits its scale more than the lack of awareness. Thus we invest in product development, not marketing and sales, to offer a powerful yet affordable solution, so you can automate more and utilize the unleashed power of AI faster.

Why сhoose Astro RPA?

Astro RPA Case Studies

Astro RPA is a technology combined with our unique marketing, sales and technical support, it becomes a growth vehicle taking your business to the next level of scale and profitability.


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