Retail case study

2x lower TCO of automation in retail.

“Astro RPA has offered an additional value, reducing licensing costs while enabling similar capabilities and often better performance, helping us expand the automation program.”

Director of Automation, Retal Company

About the company

An international retail chain of 800+ stores worldwide strives for operational excellence by accelerating information exchange and reducing the number of human errors in back-office process execution.

Business problem

Process analysis performed by the internal team supported by the leading management consultancy has identified a number of process gaps across finance, accounting, and HR departments. Some examples included sales tax calculations, period-closing accruals, cash limits, employee bonuses, and PTO management.


Due to the diversity of automation tasks across departments, the company decided to use RPA technology. After implementing the project's initial phase on one of the leading global RPA platforms, the company’s automation CoE started looking for an additional platform to optimize costs and diversify the technology investments.

They have chosen Astro RPA for its robust functionality and exceptional business value. Astro RPA platform has demonstrated necessary capabilities to satisfy all automation requirements at roughly 2x lower TCO.


Astro is the company's primary RPA platform, automating over 40 processes across back-office departments. These processes include new employee onboarding and training, performance measurement and bonus calculation in HR, tax calculations and report generation in finance, accounts payable, and order processing. Astro RPA automates across SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, Exсel, and Active Directory.

The lower cost of the platform supported the business case for the automation program and allowed CoE to justify ROI for many more processes that were initially out of scope.

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